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Targeted Lessons for Garfield Computers for the World Travelers


Lesson 1:
Russian Alphabet

Lesson 2:

Lesson 3:
Do you speak English?

Lesson 4:


Grammar Quickstart

Lesson 4:  Greetings

These are greetings you can use to begin a conversation. Choose the right greeting based on the time of day. These greetings can be "exchanged" (i.e. Good morning. Good morning.)

Note: Stressed syllables are in bold face type.

Good morning. Доброе утро.
(Dobraja utra.)
Good day. or Good afternoon. Добрый день.
(Dobryj den'.)
Good evening. Добрый вечер.
(Dobryj vechir.)




These are basic greetings to use any time. They can be exchanged.

literally:  Be healthy.
(most appropriate among friends)



These greetings signal the end of an encounter.

Good night.
literally:  Peaceful night.
Спокойной ночи.
(Spakojnyj nochi.)
literally:  Until we see each other again.
До свидания.
(Da svidanija.)



There are many ways to ask "How are you?" This is the easiest (but a little bit informal). Note that the person responding to the question "How are you?" doesn't just repeat the question, but asks instead something like "And how about you?"

How are you?
literally:  How are things?
Как дела?
(Kak dila?)
Good. And how about you?
And how are yours? or How are they by you?
Хорошо. А как у вас?
(Kharasho. A kak u vas?)
Fine. (Not bad.)
literally:  Nothing.





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