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Voluntary Standards for World Languages Workshop

Welcome to the resource page for the Voluntary Standards for World Languages Workshop at Issaquah School District on August 30, 2006, presented by Michele Anciaux Aoki, Ph.D.

For more information about efforts in our state to prepare all students for today's interconnected world, I encourage you to visit International Education Washington and sign up for the Coalition's email list. (See Get Involved.)

Handout Packet

  1. State Standards: Connecting a National Vision to Local Implementation (PDF)
    by Paul Sandrock, ACTFL  (7 pages)
  2. ACTFL > Standards for Foreign Language Learning (PDF) (8 pages)
  3. OSPI > Voluntary Standards for World Languages  (2 pages)
  4. A Guide to Aligning Curriculum with the Standards (2 pages)
  5. Bringing the Standards into the Classroom (2 pages)
  6. Nebraska K-12 Foreign Language Frameworks (1 page)
  7. New Jersey World Languages Curriculum Framework (7 pages)
  8. NFLC > Standards Based Thematic Units (2 pages)
  9. Sample Unit: Global Art: Images of Caring (Word) (3 pages)
  10. World Language Standards Template (Word) (2 pages)
    This template provides space for indicating how a Unit would meet the various standards.
  11. SOPA Rating Scale (PDF)  (1 page - legal)
  12. Language Proficiency Self-Assessment  (2 pages)

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