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Language Immersion Workshop at PLU 2005

Welcome to the Language Immersion Assessment Workshop held at Pacific Lutheran University August 25, 2005 for Sheridan Elementary and Stewart Middle Schools.


  • Michele Anciaux Aoki
  • Brent Hester, John Stanford International School
  • Maria Buceta Miller, John Stanford International School
  • Participants from Sheridan Elementary and Stewart Middle School
Topic Resources
What does assessment mean to you? Assessment Profile (PDF)
(New Jersey World Languages Framework)
What about the immersion language? K-1st Spanish Goals (Doc)
(plus see PLU2004)
Tools for Assessment Presentation Rubric (Doc)
Assessing Oral Proficiency  
Introducing the ELLOPA (Early Language Listening & Oral Proficiency Assessment)  
ELLOPA Interview 2001 Script-Spanish (PDF)
2001 Script-English (PDF)
Transcription of Interview (Doc)
Specific Examples of Language Justify Ratings
SOPA (Student Oral Proficiency Assessment) Rating Profile SOPA-RP (PDF)
Specific Examples of Language for SOPA SOPA Spanish Samples (Doc)
SOPA Spanish Samples for Practice Ratings (Doc)
SOPA Spanish Samples Rating Justifications (Doc)
SOPA Teacher Observation Matrix  
Taking it Further  
Student Self-Assessment Student Self-Assessment (Doc)
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Communicating with Parents   

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